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Jon Van Zyle - Art Show & New Prints

First Friday with Jayne Andreen & Mandy Heck

What's New this month @ Annie's

Upcoming Events

Jon Van Zyle
August 1, 2017

A special Tuesday art show with famous Alaskan artist, Jon Van Zyle.

August First Friday
August 4, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

Juneau artist Mandy Heck and jewelry maker Jayne Andreen will be our guests.

September First Friday
September 1, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

Artist Ian Grant will be our guest, showing his most recent abstract paintings.

Jon Van Zyle - Art Show & New Prints

Jon Van ZyleWe were very excited to learn that one of our most renowned artists, Jon Van Zyle, is coming to town in August! He is going to be on hand for a book signing and event at the state museum. And while he's in town, we were able to book him for a special art show at Annie Kaill's!

Jon Van Zyle is one of Alaska's most famous and recognizable artists. He is known for his stunning and life-like wildlife and landscape paintings. In particular, Van Zyle is known for his Iditarod artwork as the official artist of the last great race. This is authentic work ~ not only has Van Zyle been releasing an Iditarod print and poster each year for many years, but he also raises sled dogs and has completed the Iditarod himself twice.

Jon Van ZyleJoin us on Tuesday, August 1 for an art show with Jon Van Zyle. We'll have an expanded selection of his prints for personalization, including his latest 2017 Iditarod poster and print. Plus, rumor has it he'll be bringing a new original for us to display in the gallery!

The art show takes place on Tuesday, August 1, and we'll be featuring Jon Van Zyle's art all month long. For more information and to see Van Zyle's complete catalog, visit www.anniekaills.com.

First Friday with Jayne Andreen & Mandy Heck

Mandy HeckAugust starts out strong at Annie Kaill's, and we have a second event planned, with two more featured artists. This is our traditional First Friday art show, with two Juneau artists: Mandy Heck and Jayne Andreen.

Mandy Heck is a local artist who we've been carrying for the summer season. Her art form of choice is beautiful, detailed portraits of local wildlife. These are small, framed original sketches in pencil. Mandy's "miniature originals" are positioned affordably and make great collectibles or gifts. They are also perfect for filling those small spaces in a room that just need "something."

Mandy HeckMandy's originals have been a hit this summer with locals and visitors alike and we've kept her busy drawing more. With the great response, we thought it would be fun to showcase her work with an expanded selection and a First Friday show! Enjoy a collection of Mandy's miniature originals for the month of August, from wolves and eagles to bees and whales.

Jayne AndreenJoining Mandy will be Juneau jewelry artist, Jayne Andreen. Through her JA Jewels line, Jayne creates a diverse assortment of handmade jewelry. Her necklaces, bracelets, and earrings include a combination of metal, pearls, beadwork, and gemstones. In some of her recent work, Jayne has been experimenting with higher-end gemstones such as ruby and tanzanite, to great success.

Jayne AndreenSays Jayne, "I strive to make my jewelry elegant without being flimsy, gorgeous without being precious. I just make jewelry that I love to wear; jewelry that feels fun and edgy and beautiful and simple." Well, there you have it, the perfect jewelry design philosophy for the unique, whimsy, sophisticated Juneau woman! We'll have a large selection of JA Jewels work featured all month long.

The opening reception for Mandy and Jayne takes place on First Friday, August 4, beginning at 4:30pm. For more information and samples of their work, visit www.anniekaills.com.

What's New this Month @ Annie's
Summer is one of our busiest times of year, so we're turning over plenty of inventory and constantly brining in new finds. Of course our two artists and a new jewelry collection are the highlights but some of our other newest arrivals include the following:

Dream catcher Once again we've brought in a new jewelry line. This month's new addition is Dream Catcher necklaces, by California artist Suzanne Fortier. These are fun, affordable, hand-beaded dream catchers with leather necklaces. On the higher end, we also have lots of pendants from Anchorage artist Douglas Clay.

Joe McCabe

On art, we've restocked the walls with lots of new framed pieces from all our artists. We also have some gorgeous prints on metal from Juneau photographer Joe McCabe, shown here.

Alpaca blankets If all this rain makes you want to snuggle up with a good book we can't blame you! Check out these high-quality Alpaca Blankets and throws. They are so soft and cuddly and make great gifts too!

Karen Beason

While you're enjoying your new alpaca blanket, you can relax with some coloring. We've got you covered with Alaska-theme coloring books by Doodles of the North as well as high-quality pencils to round out your home studio or gift.

Pine Cone Gnome Continuing on the cute and cuddly theme, check out these new children's dolls and stuffed toys by Pine Cone Gnome. These are handcrafted right here in Juneau!
Mountain Men of AlaskaFinally, in the "fun and funky" category this month, we just have to mention the Mountain Men of Alaska calendar. This has been a hit and features Alaskan men in all sorts of hilarious outdoor poses. Stop by and flip through it ~ Quite the humorous take on the classic pin-up calendar. Colleen always makes sure we have a good assortment of unique and humorous gifts for when that's what you need!

Also this month, we'll be sending Colleen and Riley to a buying show in Seattle, and they'll be coming back will all sorts of new treasures for the fall season so look for those to start showing up as well. As always, to stay up to date on everything Annie's, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Or stop in when downtown and ask what's new - we love to share the scoop on our latest arrivals!

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