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June Exhibition: "Levitation" Three-Artist Show

Completely Updated Print Catalog for Evon Zerbetz

What's New this month @ Annie's

Upcoming Events

June First Friday
June 2, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

We welcome back Petersburg artist Pia Reilly, plus fellow artists Janine Gibbons and Cara Murray!

July First Friday
July 7, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

A special evening with Northwest artist Nathalie Parenteau, and husband / photographer Peter Von Gaza.

August First Friday
August 4, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

Artist Becca Brown will be our guest for August's First Friday event, showing her Wild Atlas photography-based art.

June Exhibition: "Levitation" Three-Artist Show

For the month of June, we're featuring three guest artists from Southeast Alaska. The impetus for this month's show started a year ago when Pia Reilly was our guest for a 2016 show and reconnected with old friends and fellow artists Cara Murray and Janine Gibbons. The three thought, let's reconvene and do a show together a year from now! And that's exactly what happened. The exhibition is uplifting, whimsical, and filled with color and inspiration. Thus the title: "Levitation."

Pia ReillyPia Reilly is a watercolor artist from Petersburg, Alaska. Pia is known for her bright, colorful, and cheerful paintings. Many of her paintings feature trees or flowers with an abundance of color. These subjects are symbolic for Pia: trees and other plants are alive, always growing and changing, with deep roots. "Lookout," shown here, is a sample from the show that typifies Pia's work. A stand of trees is shown with a songbird's nest in the top-right corner of the painting. We'll have a collection of Pia's new original artwork on display during June.

Next, from Haines and Sitka, we have artist Heather NashelleCara Murray. Cara is a contemporary folk artist who's primary work is large-scale murals. In this medium, she creates uplifting, brightly colored images that help contrast the gray skies that often come with living in Southeast Alaska. Cara's paintings represent a diverse set of influences. Some are contemplative landscapes, such as the canoe painting featured in our show flyer, others are more whimsical and folk-art inspired such as the sunrise painting shown here. We'll have a set of Cara's original artwork on display all month long.

Janine GibbonsJanine Gibbons is our third artist in our featured trio, and we'll be featuring a collection of her original artwork as well. Janine is known by many Southeast residents as a jewelry artist, and we've carried her jewelry on and off for years. But lately she's been taking a break from that to explore painting. A formally trained artist, her her paintings reflect inspiration from living in Southeast Alaska and from the rich artistic traditions of her heritage, which has both Scandinavian and Alaska native elements.

Our opening event with our three great artists is sure to be fun, so please join us for the First Friday opening on June 2, beginning at 4:30 pm. The "Levitation" show featuring their work will be on display throughout the month of June. For more information, visit www.anniekaills.com.

Completely Updated Print Catalog for Evon Zerbetz

Evon ZerbetzWe've offered gorgeous prints from Evon Zerbetz for years, and we've updated our catalog with images and details for every single print she has available! This includes many images we haven't shown before in the gallery, and better images for the prints we've always offered - so there's lots of new finds here if you're a fan of Evon's work.

Evon's medium is linocut prints. Her linocuts are printed on cotton rag paper the old-fashioned way: She carves an image in a slab of linoleum, then rolls ink over the surface, lays cotton paper on top, and cranks the block through her etching press. She repeats this process for each print in the edition. Then, after the prints dry, she hand-paints each one, often with many layers of color - so each print is an original and unique work of art.

Evon ZerbetzEvon's whimsical and colorful art has been featured in several popular Alaskan children's books, and many of her prints are from those as well. This includes prints from "Lucky Hares and Itchy Bears," "Dog Days Raven Nights," "Little Red Snapperhood," "Ten Rowdy Ravens," and "Whalemail." In addition, Evon released a series of 12 raven prints titled "Stations of the Raven." She also has an annual Valentine's Day print and numerous releases not related to a specific book, with animals and ravens again being a popular theme.

Check out our new full catalog of Evon Zerbetz's prints at www.anniekaills.com. We also have a great selection in the gallery, including lots of new framed pieces on the wall!

What's New this Month @ Annie's
Summer is here, and with the increased traffic we'll be bringing new finds in every week! Here's a sampling of some of what's new at the gallery right now:

Wild Atlas New stock from Wild Atlas. These are photography-adorned wood art pieces and marble coasters by Juneau artist Becca Brown. These pieces feature local photography and are designed to give a classic, antiqued look. We're also excited to announce that Becca will be our featured artist coming up this August so stay tuned for that!


Check out this new line of handmade accessories from Juneau's Christy Newell: AccesSEWrize! We have cork wallets, coin purses, cosmetic bags, and more. Each is with a animal "logo" in vintage style: whale, moose, salmon, etc.

Flambeaux With summer season upon us, we have lots of new pottery - including new inventory from Bill Campbell and his Flambeaux crystalline pottery. Watch for new "Summer Fun" limited time pieces arriving in the next week or two!

Karen Beason

We have lots of new inventory from Juneau artist Karen Beason ~ including a selection of her handmade "Peace Raven" and "Xtra tuff Raven" fabric wall hangings. Don't miss her smaller ornament-size ravens as well!

Dick LibbyAlso for the wall - we have a new "school" of Dick Libby fish and whales! These are handmade art pieces inspired by old-school weather vanes. Each fish is unique and handcrafted from wood and metal.
Aurora ProjektThis month is graduation & Father's Day and we've got you covered! For the guys, we especially love these new designs in ties from Aurora Projekt. New Alaska Native designs, as well as images of jellyfish and King Crab, are some of our favorites - plus the classic "AK" as well.
WeddingsFinally, we have a great selection of new cards & gifts for birthday, wedding & just because. And speaking of weddings ~ if you or someone you know is getting married this summer ~ don't forget to register at Annie Kaill's! We are your destination for unique & beautiful gifts, plus we'll set your items aside on one of our "wedding shelves" in back and wrap anything up oh-so-beautiful ~ a Juneau wedding tradition!

As always, to stay up to date on everything Annie's, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Or stop in when downtown and ask what's new - we love to share the scoop on our latest arrivals!

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