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Featured: Linda Chase, Janine Gibbons, KC Mack

Nathalie Parenteau Catalog Update

What's New at Annie's This Month

Upcoming Events

June First Friday
June 1, 2018
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Paintings from Janine Gibbons from Petersburg, glass art by Linda Chase from Haines, and leather goods from Juneau's KC Mack.

Willow & Luna Trunk Show
June 9-10, 2018

Handmade handbags from Juneau's own Willow & Luna.

July First Friday
July 6, 2018
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Handmade handbags from Juneau's own Willow & Luna. Plus miniature original drawings by Mandy Heck!

August First Friday
August 3, 2018
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Kodiak artist Natasha Zahn Pristas returns for a show with her uplifting art using bright colors.

Featured: Linda Chase, Janine Gibbons, KC Mack

We are excited to share information about our three guest artists for the month of June! We are featuring glass art by Linda Chase, original paintings by Janine Gibbons, and leather work by KC Mack.

Linda ChaseGlass artist Linda Chase is traveling down from Haines to show her latest work. Linda uses layers of colored glass to create beautiful art, similar to the way a painter uses layers of paint.

Linda tells us, "My work progresses each year. I am always studying the shapes, colors, and details of the world around me. The challenge is to interpret what I see using glass as my medium.  I am basically painting with glass. The process takes time. I build each layer starting with the question, 'What does this piece need?' I build my layers with glass shaped by glass saw, with powders glass granules and paints. I like to add a touch of real gold too. After I build a layer it goes into the kiln for about 12 hours."

We have several of Linda's pieces in the gallery year-round and look forward to an expanded selection with her newest work this month!

Janine GibbonsJoining Linda will be artist Janine Gibbons from Petersburg. Janine is a formally trained artist and also deeply connected to the traditional artworks of her ancestors - both Haida native Alaskans and Scandinavian immigrants. Her paintings are typified by saturated colors and intricate patterns. Janine's paintings have an organic feel and attempt to capture the essence of the subject matter. We are featuring a collection of Janine's new work this month.

KC MackFinally, craftsman KC Mack of Juneau will be presenting his Mack Provisions leather goods. KC has found a way to combine two of his passions, leather work and baseball. His signature pieces are wallets hand-crafted using leather from vintage baseball gloves. He also makes key fobs, business card holders, belts, and more using premium and recycled leather. KC's work has luxury touches and uses the finest materials such as high-end imported French linen threads for stitching and military-grade materials for key chains.

We have a selection of KC's work in the gallery now and look forward to an expanded selection this month. Get a high-quality leather item or a piece of history. Just in time for Father's Day, KC's handiwork will be appreciated and enjoyed for years.

Work from our three artists will be featured throughout the month of June. Join us for the opening on First Friday, June 1, from 4:30 to 7:00 pm to meet the artists and to have the best selection.

For more information about the artists and and examples of their work, visit www.anniekaills.com.

Nathalie Parenteau Catalog Update

Nathalie ParenteauOur big catalog update this month was for Yukon artist Nathalie Parenteau, who recently released new prints. Nathalie is one of our best selling artists year-round, known for her modern art with a unique take on Northwest scenes and wildlife. Her stylized work uses rich colors and captures the subject matter in motion - aiming to evoke an emotion in the viewer.

Nathalie ParenteauNathalie has several new prints added to her catalog. Two of her newest releases are shown here: Boreal Biking and Humpback Rhapsody. Nathalie's prints are available as archival quality giclee prints, and select images are also available as canvas prints, ready to hang directly on the wall.

Be sure to check out our display of Nathalie's prints and canvas pieces in the gallery, and you can also see the entire catalog at www.anniekaills.com.

What's New at Annie's This Month

Summer season is in full swing with tour boats arriving daily, weddings being planned, and a vibrant air in downtown Juneau.

Here are a few highlights of recent new arrivals:

Five Finger pottery We have a special display near the front of the store featuring our Alaskan-made pottery and stoneware. For example, we recently received a large order from Five Finger Pottery.

Harper & Ari

We're always looking for something new in the personal care product category... check out these sugar cubes from Harper & Ari. These are extra-large sugar cubes made for exfoliating in the shower, and come in a variety of delicious scents.

Headband Happy AK Keep your hair up in style with a headband from Headband Happy AK. Handmade locally, these come in a huge variety of unique prints, and we recently received a large selection for your enjoyment! A fun style statement, or they make great gifts as well.

Mendenhall Memories

Mendenhall Memories is a line of affordable earrings by Jim Hopkins, combining his fossilized ivory with semiprecious stones in combinations that evoke the colors of glacier ice. As always, a great selection of hand crafted jewelry in the gallery!

Sami bracelets We have really been getting into the gourmet food scene lately, with some new dips, jams, and spreads. Check out some of our new arrivals from Terrapin Ridge Farms, Wildbeary Natural, and Tracklements.

WW Knits

Finally, these sassy candles from Malicious Women Candle Co have been a lot of fun. These start as high-quality jar candles, hand poured in Lake Stevens, Washington using 100% US soy and custom blended fragrances. The fun though is in the label - each has a fun (or naughty) name and a special scent to match. Great for gifting!

We hope you can stop by and see all these great finds in person this month... and remember, there's always something new at Annie's! Also, get the latest updates during the month by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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