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June Featured Artist: Kelsey Fagan

New Art: Grant Pecoff, Rie Muñoz

Annie Kaill's frame shop

What's New this Month

Upcoming Events

June First Friday
June 7, 2019
4:30-8:00 pm

Opening reception for Juneau artist Kelsey Fagan.

July First Friday
July 5, 2019
4:30-8:00 pm

A First Friday art event - with Juneau artist Arnie Weimer.

August First Friday
August 2, 2019
4:30-8:00 pm

A First Friday art event - with Juneau artist Laurel Messerschmidt.

June Featured Artist: Kelsey Fagan

Our June featured artist is local painter Kelsey Fagan. Kelsey's art includes ink and watercolor landscapes from around Southeast Alaska, and her prints are available year-round at Annie Kaill's.

Kelsey FaganA Juneau-raised local with a fondness for the dance between adventure and contentment, Kelsey Fagan presents new ink and watercolor work in her June exhibition titled 'This Moment Now : Tuning in to the Spaces Between.' Through her art, she explores the play among the beauty of Southeast Alaska's physical landscape, the awakened state that arises from experiencing these landscapes, and the verbal distillations of those wide awake moments. It's these moments in between the moments between thinking and doing where we find the magic. As soon as we think we've caught it, it's gone again, lost to our thoughts, our attachment to holding onto and keeping it safe, and our desperation to stay busy and keep going.

Kelsey Fagan'This Moment Now' is an opportunity to revisit that pause, to tune in to those spaces between thinking and doing, to let the magic of being completely present in this amazing part of the world spark its bright light within us, even if just for a moment. In addition to new originals, locally produced prints will be available along with her locally and hand-produced Policy of Generosity Series of artful trucker hats that support various local nonprofits in the Juneau community.

Our opening reception for Kelsey Fagan's exhibition takes place on First Friday, June 7, from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Work from our featured artist will be on display all month long.

For more information, visit www.anniekaills.com.

New Art: Grant Pecoff, Rie Muñoz

Two really exciting updates to share in the art category this month. First, we have three beautiful new Alaska prints released by artist Grant Pecoff. And second, we have a new selection of Rie Muñoz art for the summer!

Grant Pecoff Gazing into a Grant Pecoff painting, you are drawn into an atmosphere where vibrant light and electric colors transform the familiar into the extraordinary. Based in San Diego, Grant Pecoff is an internationally recognized modern artist. Grant has traveled the world and released collections of paintings evoking the spirit of his favorite places. We are excited to offer his Alaska artworks at Annie Kaill's - including three new images for summer 2019!

Rie Munoz Rie Muñoz once described her work as expressionism - paintings that reject camera snapshot realism, and instead, express emotion by distortion and strong colors. Sadly no new prints to offer, but we are proud to continue representing one of the most famous and accomplished Juneau artists Juneau has produced. The Rie Muñoz catalog is extensive and highly collectable, and we're happy to report that we have a new selection of Rie's prints, posters, and framed pieces in stock for the summer.

For more information and catalogs for these two artists, visit www.anniekaills.com.

Also in addition to these two artists, we've restocked work from several artist for the summer including Marissa Amor!

Annie Kaill's Frame Shop

We are excited to announce that our in-house frame shop is up and running!

FramingAnnie Kaill's is investing in Downtown Juneau by purchasing the equipment and supplies to do all our own framing in-house, rather than outsourcing. We look forward to offering better service, expanded frame options, and increased customization. Expert framer Karen Beason has been busy restocking our walls with new and classic favorites from all of our artists! An artist herself, Karen has a great eye for what works visually in matting and framing combinations.

FramingCome choose from our expanded selection, or have a frame custom built to order! Do you have some prints that are sitting in your closet, or frames that are showing their age? Bring them in for brand new, high-quality matting and framing!

For more information about framing options, contact us - stop in, call, email, facebook, etc.

What's New this Month

Summer season is in full swing at Annie Kaill's! Long days, tourists, weddings... we're ready with expanded hours and lots of new and restocked merch! Here's a sampling of the new arrivals this month:

Five Finger pottery Our pottery displays are fully stocked, perfect for summer weddings! Check out a new collection of handmade stoneware from Petersburg, Alaska's Five Finger Pottery! From Tara Alcock, each piece of Five Finger is inspired by the patterns and geometry found in nature.

Timber & Tides

Lots of new jewelry inventory for the summer! We have new locally made earrings from Timber & Tides (made using local wood), and new jewelry from Wild by Nature (made with salmon skin, bark, and other natural material).


Frost & Fur Our soft goods section is also well stocked, including a restock of locally designed apparel and napkins from Frost & Fur. Plus new stock of locally made purses and bags from Willow & Luna.
Michael Michaud Michael Michaud makes high-end handcrafted metal work and provided us with a wide array of new work. Enjoy new table art and jewelry that recreates flowers, leaves, and other botanical forms in metal.

Food Items And - did you know we have an expanded selection of made in Alaska foods? Balance your electrolytes with Pure Alaska Sea Salts, try kelp-based salsa, pickles, and seasonings from Barnacle Foods, and enjoy smoked salmon from Juneau's own Taku Smokeries! Plus, we're now selling delicious chocolate from Sitka's Theobroma chocolates!

Mer SeaIn the bath and body section, we are getting a huge order from Thymes to be delivered this week, and we're bringing in a new line called Mer Sea which has beautiful candles, lotion and soap. It smells great, the packaging is lovely, and it makes great gifts! We're also expecting a restock of US Apothecary's Milk & Oatmeal products this week!
Milano glasswareSad news, the Romanian family plant that made our beloved Milano glassware has closed, and we will no longer be able to get mer inventory. However, we were able to place a very large order to restock some of the items that we currently carry and we have those available now. We also stocked some vases, decanters and pitchers as well. If you've been waiting to get some Milano - now is the time! Also a good idea to add a couple spare glasses if you have a collection, just in case!
Cards Finally, we have lots of new cards, so you'll always have a card to go with the gift or just because. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, sympathy, get well, thank you, love, just for fun, pop-up singles and boxed cards. Plus of course a great selection of graduation and Father's Day cards! .

We hope you can stop by and see all these great finds in person this month... and remember, there's always something new at Annie's! Also, get the latest updates during the month by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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