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Four Friends Art Show: October First Friday

What's New at Annie Kaill's

Upcoming Events

October First Friday
October 6, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

A joint art show with several lady painters . Juneau artists Puanani Maunu, Barbara Craver, and Constance Baltuck. Plus Natasha Pristas from Kodiak!

November First Friday
November 3, 2017
4:30 pm - 7 pm

Four guest artists! Famed Alaskan artist Barbara Lavallee, plus artist Alice Tersteeg, jewelry designer Heather Nashelle, and knitted work from Willow Whitton.

Gallery Walk 2017
December 1, 2017
4:30 pm - 9 pm

Downtown Juneau's biggest event of the year is Gallery Walk on the First Friday in December. Our guest artists include Karen Beason and Rick Clair.

Four Friends Art Show: October First Friday

This month's featured event is the "Four Friends" art show. We're celebrating a group of "art buddies" who have been painting together for many years: Constance Baltuck, Barbara Craver, Puanani Maunu, and Natasha Zahn Pristas.

Our four friends met and started painting together many years ago while they all lived in the "flats" neighborhood of downtown Juneau. Over the years, they've enjoyed painting together and refining their craft as a group. Natasha moved away (not too far - still in Alaska!) but the group has remained in touch, sharing their love of art and painting together when they can. This show was Natasha's brainchild and envisioned as a reunion of sorts for the art buddy group. We're delighted to be able to play host for this celebration of art and friendship! Here's a little more about each artist:

Constance BaltuckConstance Baltuck's work can be separated into two distinct styles, both of which are vibrant and full of color. First, she paints gorgeous landscapes from around the Juneau area. Second, she paints more abstract work made up of intricate patterns or many tiny dots or brush strokes, similar to a pointillism style. Enjoy Constance's latest work in both styles this month!

Barbara CraverBarbara Craver is a contemporary artist painting landscapes primarily. Her work is stylized just a bit and uses blocks of light and dark reminiscent of Byron Birdsall's beloved technique. Bright colors and lush scenery typify her work. See the latest Barbara Craver originals featured in October.

Puanani MaunuPuanani Maunu is a landscape artist with a background in abstract painting. She merges the two styles for her own refreshing take on Southeast Alaska scenery. We love how she manages to capture the essence of a moving gray sky or rolling surf in her work. Puanani will be showing a collection of her recent paintings.

Natasha Zahn PristasColorful and uplifting are two word that describe the art of Natasha Zahn Pristas. She creates bright and cheerful collage work, with birds and flowers being popular subject matter. She also has watercolor and pen-and-watercolor paintings of fish, flowers, and more. We're excited to introduce Natasha and her work to Juneau!

Our "Four Friends" art show will be on display throughout the month of October. Join us for the opening reception and meet the artists on First Friday, October 6, beginning at 4:30 pm. For more information about the artists and and examples of their work, visit www.anniekaills.com.

What's New at Annie Kaill's

We've said goodbye to the last of the cruise ship passengers for the year, and that means it's time to start gearing up for fall and the holidays! We also look forward to welcoming legislators and staff back to Juneau later this month for special session!

New merchandise has been arriving from our buying show back in August, and we have new work from several local and Alaskan artists on display. Right now, we also have a sale table set up in the back of the store to clear out some summer overstock - to help make room for Christmas and holiday items that will start trickling in! So come check that out while it lasts!

Here are a few highlights of recent new arrivals:

Linda Chase We're pleased to display a new line of glass art, from Skagway artist Linda Chase. Her handmade glass is made to display and many pieces are framed for hanging on the wall. From abstract pieces, to scenery, to wildlife - an exciting new add to our offerings!

Barb Campbell

Check out our new shipment of pottery from Barb Campbell. We have a great selection now including lots of new imp cups and platters and some unique one-of-a-kind pieces as well.

Sally Donaldson We've got lots of comfy wearables to help you settle in for fall! Check out these new kid's hats from Sally Donaldson, handmade right here in Juneau. Plus a great selection of knits from Willow Whitton and other Alaskan artists as well!


In the jewelry category, there are so many new arrivals and restocks! We love this line of handmade jewelry from Seattle artist Tamara Kelly. Also look for new work by Kristin Ford, Susan Goodwin, Michael Michaud, and more!

Caravan For the home and table, we have a new assortment of wares from Basic Spirit pewter. Including these salt / spice dishes and napkin rings in various Alaskan designs.
Petersburg metal guyMichael Michaud has been at it again creating gorgeous high-end metal items. In addition to his jewelry, we're loving these little gold and silver boxes! Perfect to hold a special little something or just for display!
Rick ClairIn the art category - we are an art gallery after all! - we have some new work on display from Juneau's Rick Clair. Enjoy this new original painting on display in our front window, and prints coming soon as well! We love Rick's whimsical oil paintings that combine Alaskan scenery with fantasy elements.
Laura KaltersteinFinally, we have a new line of hand-beaded art from Sitka artist Laura Kalterstein. These are barrettes, pins, and art pieces that are each individually designed and hand made right here in Alaska.

We hope you can stop by and see all these great finds in person this month... and remember, there's always something new at Annie's! Also, get the latest updates during the month by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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