Raven | Archie Cavanaugh, Jr.

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This formline Raven design is based on Archie’s album Black and White Raven. The album emerged from Archie James Cavanaugh’s youthful dream of recording his own music while stuck in the Alaskan wilderness. “This dream was always elusive,” Cavanaugh said, “believing either that it was only meant for those famous artists who got picked up by major record labels, or that it was just too impossible to achieve because of cost and lack of know-how.” Raven is the powerful figure who transforms the world. Stories tell how Raven created the land and brought them fire. Raven stole the light and brought it out to light up the world. Archie Shaas T’aak is Tlingit Y’eil (Raven)/Gaanaxteidi’ clan.


  • Open edition fine art print
  • Available framed
  • Print size 8" x 10”; framed size 12" x 15"
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