Karen Beason "Beaver" framed art print

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Karen Beason's "Beaver" framed art print comes in the size 5.5x7.5. The fine art print comes in a simple black frame. Alaska artist Karen Beason specializes in creating original works in fiber, inspired by the marine life and flora of her native Southeast Alaska. She was born in Ketchikan, raised in Juneau, and resides in Juneau, surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration. Karen spends most of her free time in the great outdoors - combing the many beaches, hiking in the rain forest, or fishing in the pristine waters. Karen's handmade papers are made from local plants, natural fibers, and recycled paper products. Each of Karen Beason's block prints is created by hand using a linoleum block and unique handmade Alaskan papers Karen creates herself.

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