Hobnail - Candles

Simpatico Home hobnail candles are all-vegetable wax candles nestled in elegantly crafted hobnail glass containers. Each 16-ounce candle will burn for up to 100 hours. When the candle is gone, you have a keepsake hobnail glass jar for use as a vase, container or votive candleholder. These are American-handcrafted candles with cotton wicks made from sustainable resources grown by American heartland farmers. They contain no petrochemicals, sodium laurel sulfates or paraben and the scents are absolutely fantastic!

Hobnail glass has a regular pattern of raised knobs like the hobnail studs once used on boot soles. This pattern has been popular since the Victorian Era. Lemonade sets with a pitcher and matching glasses were very common at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Simpatico Home has recaptured that classic design with its hobnail glass candle jars.

These candles are favorite buys to brighten and provide a wonderful scent in any room. They are keepsake buys for friends, families and co-workers. Create a different mood in each room by using different scents in jars in colors to complement each room's furnishings.

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