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Created to support emotional well-being, The Feels helps little ones become more aware of their emotions, recognize them as healthy, and offers tools to help express and support them.

The Feels Set includes 5 Mini Feels:Emotions of worried, sad, mad, scared, and calm are each represented by a mini Slumberkins Yeti. Slumberkins Mountain Pillow Perfect to snuggle up with as well as to store your Slumberkins Minis and The Feels Book. The Feels Book, join Yeti on a journey of self-discovery as she meets her feelings and learns how to take care of each one. A 24-page hardcover book.


  • 5 Yeti Feels: Calm, Angry, Worried, Sad, and Scared (6" tall x 4.5" wide)
  • A zip-up mountain pillow with 5 inner pockets to fit each Feel (15" tall x 18" wide)
  • The Feels Book ( 10" x 8")
  • A digital and hard copy version of The Feels Parents Resource Guide
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