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Lisa Schramek


Lisa Schramek

Lisa is often found improving her garden, up to something in her studio, or doing life things with her family. They like to get outside and to play in nature. This fall, Lisa will be returning to her education career as the MS/HS art teacher in Petersburg, Alaska.

In the studio, Lisa enjoys experimenting with painting techniques, color, and composition ideas. For her, painting is puzzle practice, a challenge of representing structures while including a narrative element that relates to the subject or her experience of it.

In addition to watercolor and knitting, Lisa occasionally experiments in other media from quilting to pottery to printmaking. These tangents may seem random, but each project she creates feeds into her network of understanding, and they tend to relate to her love of color, pattern, or the process of learning something new.

For Lisa, the disciplines of teaching and art are intertwined with her interest in being a lifelong learner. The subjects she focuses on painting are typically sparked by an experience or memory. She especially enjoys exploring subjects she has multiple connections to and sharing them with others who appreciate the subject. She strives to have a home filled with items and art that are meaningful, made with care, and inspire connection with other makers.

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