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Karen Beason


karen beason

“Where the forest meets the sea, that is where you can find me.”

Karen Beason is an Alaskan Artist who specializes in creating original works of art out of fiber. Her art is inspired by the marine life and flora of Southeast Alaska. Each piece of art reflects the beauty of this awesome place she calls home.

Karen spends most of her free time in the great outdoors, combing the many beaches, hiking in the rain forest, or fishing in the pristine waters. Her handmade papers are made from local plants, natural fibers, and recycled paper products. She gathers and prepares the plants in the summer months and freezes them for future use.  At the present time, she offers 32 different kinds of paper with varying prints of linoleum of Alaskan animals. 

Karen also casts local fish and shellfish to make a permanent mold.  These molds are then filled with handmade paper pulp, resulting in a beautiful natural, the actual color of Alaskan fish.  She has much different fish to choose from—from Black Bass to Trout.

Karen also makes originals out of fabric.  Ravens are her favorite, however, she makes many different marine animals as well. She loves pairing fantastic fabric combinations to create the perfect animal.

She hopes you enjoy your original piece of Southeast Alaska as much as she enjoyed making it.

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