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The Rosie Finn by Ashley Lohr


Ashley Lohr

The Rosie Finn earrings are created by Alaskan jewelry artist, Ashley Lohr. Her work is handmade starting with torch fire enamel on raw copper blanks. She's inspired by color, abstract compositions and her outdoor Alaska surroundings. Ashley finds it important to make quality earrings that are easy to wear, durable, lightweight and eye-catching. Enameling is naturally low-to-no maintenance and water resistant, so it's ok if they are worn in the rain, hot tub, ect. Ashley's work has been described as eclectic "Wearable Art," with nods to Op Art and Abstract artists. These artful earrings can be worn everyday, at home or a special occasion. Ashley earned her BFA and MFA in studio art focus in painting and moved into enameling for jewelry in 2019. Her start of jewelry education began back in 2006, during a study aboard experience in Florence, Italy.

Ashley lives and works on Mitkof island in Alaska. She's is a mother of two, a teacher and a fisherman's wife. Her jewelry routine involves waking up a couple hours before her kids do in the morning and finding time late at night to work in her studio and or finishing touches on her latest work.

All of Ashley's earrings are one-of-a-kind.  Call (907-586-2880) or email ([email protected]) us to see our current selection. 

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