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Melanie Burns | A Symphony of Art


Melanie Burns

Growing up in rural Alaska in the ’60s where her parents homesteaded, Melanie Burns spent countless hours outdoors exploring the woods, the beach, kayaking with humpback whales and zooming around in their skiff. She has commercial fished on her own boat as well as crewed for others.

Lying in her bed at night Melanie would fall asleep to the sound of the waves on the beach, a gentle rhythmic melody or a fierce pounding from the wild storms. House shaking gales produced incredible sunsets afterwards. Her beloved memories and her life in Alaska have been inspiration that translates to her work.​

Melanie’s first studio was quite unique. Her dad had just torn out the old wooden water cistern that they used to catch rainwater for the household. The shed it was housed in turned out to be the best studio ever: a waterfront studio with a breathtaking view, whales going by, sunsets and storm driven waves crashing onto the shore – truly inspiring!

Her medium is fluid acrylics and resin painting. Melanie loves the way the colors flow into each other, taking over her intention. Most of all, she loves that her customers tell her they smile every time they look at their chosen painting. Although she continues to create mosaics, the dynamic movement and blending within the color combinations of fluid acrylics are always an intriguing surprise.

Melanie’s story, like most artists, is far from over. She loves to explore new ideas and techniques. She values the personal interaction with her collectors and it is always interesting to see where they come from; the diversity is amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Melanie and her art.

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