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Colorful painting of a boat on ocean waves

June First Friday | Friday, June 7, 4:30–7:30 pm

Featuring paintings by Melanie Burns, jewelry by The Rosie Finn, and yard art by Bob Dilley

top image a close-up of colorful enamel earrings, bottom image, wooden boards with inset glass pieces

We have three Alaskan artists for our June First Friday. Melanie Burns (work above) was raised by Alaska homesteaders in the 60s, and has owned and crewed on commercial fishing boats. She works in fluid acrylics and resin—loving the way the colors flow into each other—but is always exploring new ideas and techniques.

Ashley Lohr of The Rosie Finn lives and works on Mitkof island in Alaska. Her work has been described as eclectic “Wearable Art,” with nods to Op Art and Abstract artists. These artful, durable, and light-weight enameled earrings are perfect for everday wear or special occasions.

We love the indoor-outdoor pieces by Bob Dilley—and we can personally vouch for how well they hold up in the Alaska weather, and how they never fail to brighten the view on those snowy Alaska days. Available in-store only.

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