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 letterpress card with you are magic printed on it in blue type with red stars being held up by hand with red manicured nails” width=

February Gallery Walk
Custom Valentine’s Day Cards by Salt Water Press

Friday, February 3, 4:30–7:30 pm

Meghan Chambers of Juneau’s Salt Water Press will be presenting new Valentine’s day card designs at our February Gallery Walk event, including an interactive option. Stop by and customize your own card with pre-made stamps.

Salt Water Press is a tactile print and design company specializing in letterpress printing, simple and environmentally-inspired design, and quality craftsmanship. Founded in 2020 by Meghan Chambers and Tayler Bare, it is now owned and operated by Meghan. All paper products are printed on 100-plus-year-old machinery—two Chandler & Price platen presses, and one Vandercook proof press. Salt Water Press celebrates juxtapositions—old and new, mechanical and handcrafted, science and art. When it comes to antique printing, the process is just as fun as the product. And finally, Salt Water Press believes in inspiring surroundings—our community, our oceans and forests, and being present. Salt Water Press should spark your curiosity and creativity. Whether it’s quirky cards, science-inspired artwork, or a custom printing project, we hope it made you smile, reach out to a friend, or google something. Time to go print!

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