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Sarah Davidson


Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson has been drawn to water for as long as she can remember.  Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, it was at the water's edge where she felt most creative and most at home.  Around age eight, she received her first camera as a gift and her enthusiasm for photography took root.  She now finds gratification in combining these two passions to create images of water that captivate the imagination, stir the spirit, and affect change.

It is not only the artistry of photography that Sarah gravitates toward, but the very notion that each photograph captures a single moment in time that will never again be repeated or experienced.  Each is unique and each has passed - like the light of a star, the fleeting moment of light captured on a sensitive surface no longer exists.  It is a reminder to be present, to appreciate the world around us, even the simple, every day beauty that can be found in ordinary experiences.

Sarah moved to the homelands of the Áak’w Kw’aan and T’aaku Kwáan (Juneau, AK) in 2017, where she now resides with her husband.  Though she has been taking photos for over three decades, this series, titled Moving Waters, is Sarah's first public display.  She is excited to share her photography of this beautiful place with the local community and beyond.

All images are printed locally by Ice Fog Press.


Moving Waters

Waters can exhilarate us, stir us, rejuvenate us, nourish us, awaken us, and remind us what it means to be resilient and courageous. They can move us in new directions and even in opposite directions. They can connect us, and they can show us the truth about ourselves and the course on which we are heading.

This photo series explores what it means to be moved by waters, in their many forms. It highlights three types of waterscapes in Southeast Alaska – flowing creeks and rivers, oscillating waves along coastlines, and seemingly still waters.

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