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Water’s Edge Studio by Meg Bradley


Meg Bradley

Meg Bradley, a self-taught metalsmith working primarily in silver and copper, was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Her early experiences of hiking and climbing with her family in the rugged Cascade Mountain Range have brought a deep appreciation for natural forms and detail, which have woven their way into her work. She seeks to continually expand her skills and participates in classes and workshops in the region.

An adventuresome soul, Meg moved to a small fishing town in Alaska, where she lived for several years. There, she met her husband—a commercial fisherman—who introduced her to the strange and wonderful creatures of the sea. She has accompanied him on the boat in the waters of the Inland Passage, exploring and observing the life that infuses much of her work. The result is a wondrous tumble of sea life, soaring birds and insects, leaf and flora. In addition, her children have occasionally supplied her with drawings or ideas that inspire and become jewelry pieces.

One of Meg’s great joys is her interaction with the people who wear her jewelry. She likes the conversation, ideas, and suggestions, which are so valuable to her growth as an artist. There is ample opportunity for this through her participation in numerous fairs and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. Meg says that her goal is “to make art that is affordable and accessible.”

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