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WILD by Nature


black and white close up of julienne pacheco

Nature is the ultimate artist: the carver of mountains and rivers; the painter of sunsets and reflections; the composer of birdsongs and rainstorms; the choreographer of migrations and currents.  Captivated by the raw beauty of wild places, the heart resonates with the rhythm of nature and all things in it. We can feel it... because we are a part of it, this breath-taking work of art. Whatever we may do in life, wherever we may go, the heart will always remain connected. We are all a little wild by nature.

Julienne Pacheco, jewelry-maker and owner of WILD by Nature, grew up enjoying the wild places of Colorado before transplanting to Alaska for school.  Although formally educated in marine biology she indulges in a variety of crafts including sketching, painting, and jewelry making – activities to pass the time while enjoying and working in remote areas across Alaska.

Inspiration comes from everywhere so long as one is able to slow down and deeply appreciate even the smallest details. Some designs are simple while others create a scene such as a mountain sunset, all condensed into a piece of wearable art. Each piece is unique, distinctive, and handmade with love and wonder.