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Standing for more than 100 years on Sandy Beach just south of Douglas, AK, the historic landmark has long been an inspiration to artists. The Pump House is one of the few remaining structures left of the Treadwell Goldmine on Douglas Island, located across the water from downtown Juneau and was constructed in 1914.

From 1882-1922, the Treadwell Gold Mining Company was the largest gold mining operation in the world. The Pump House was located at the end of the 600-foot long pier. The building’s three centrifugal pumps lifted 2,700 gallons of water a minute from Gastineau Channel. Salt water pumped from Gastineau Channel was used for milling and fire protection during the winter when fresh water from the Treadwell Ditch was frozen in snowpack.

First a 1917 cave-in closed some of the mines, then a 1926 fire destroyed the pier, boardwalks and wharf and nearly all of the wooden buildings. The fire was driven by Taku Winds, a localized weather phenomenon with wind gusts up to 100 mph over the Gastineau Channel, right where the mine is.

The iconic Pump House has been featured in many works by our collection of artists, each uniquely original.

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