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Little Tomato Glass


Little Tomato Glass

Little Tomato Glass is a one-maker show run by Roe, a glass blowing artist in Portland, OR. Roe has a B.A. in ceramics from Fresno State but was hooked from their very first glass blowing class. Roe developed a deep appreciation for the centuries old tradition and working with handmade tools that connect them, a modern maker, and those that paved the way before. From an idea in Roe’s brain, to a sketch, to the finished product, they derive so much joy from the entire creative process - start to finish.

Inspired by clean lines, color and functional design, Roe strives to make pieces that are both visually stunning and utilitarian in nature. Each piece is hand blown at their studio in Portland making each piece unique. There are slight variations between each piece that make it as individual as you are.

It is always recommended to handwash your glass and avoid hot liquids to maintain longevity. “We hope your glass is around for years to come, a little heirloom tomato for you and your family to enjoy.” - Roe/The Little Tomato Glass

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