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Twisted Ginger by Erin Kandoll


Twisted Ginger

Erin has been an artist of many mediums for as long as she can remember. Always doodling as a young girl, spent her entire high school career in the art room and involved in the performing arts, eventually attending University for Musical Theater. After a summer spent painting transformational makeup on the faces of beautiful Drag Queens, she embarked on a new adventure and moved to LA to attend a trade school specializing in Makeup for film and photography. Though completely in love with the trade, she realized that big city living was definitely not for her!

So she packed up all her belongings and moved to tiny Mitkof Island in Southeast Alaska, a nature lover's paradise. She knew instantly, she’d found her forever home. Everything about the wilderness fed her artistic nature and the isolation gave her space and time to hone in on a creative outlet. After suffering from a traumatizing life event, she picked up some silver and a torch and began making jewelry as a means to cope with the grief. Little did she know she would fall so hard for the art of jewelry making and ten years of self-taught silversmithing later here she is, still learning, still growing and still loving the craft.

Erin’s jewelry is very much influenced by nature and intuitively designed. She lets the stones speak to her and flow with their natural unique energy. It brings her great joy and fulfillment to work with the stones and metal via her artistic expression and to share that positive healing energy with you in the form of wearable art. She truly believes these stones end up exactly where they are meant to be. Your piece is out there just waiting to glow with you.

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