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Marissa Amor


Marissa Amor
Marissa Amor is located in Seward, Alaska. Amor's artwork is inspired by Alaska's ocean wildlife, she puts in her own unique touch and comes up with beautiful paintings. Her prints come in various sizes, and each print goes so well with each other it's hard to just choose one!

"My inspiration comes from living near the water. I paint what I love and what is familiar to me. In a society that has become profoundly disconnected to the natural world, I want my paintings to feel reminiscent of where life originated. I use a variety of mediums. It is common for my work to include a combination of pen, watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, and acrylic paints.

Growing up, Alaska's beauty has been a continuous well of inspiration for me. I am deeply connected to this land, and try to give back to nature and my community in any way possible. I regularly donate my work to organizations/initiatives throughout Alaska and Canada that promote sustainability, conservation, and the betterment of our communities. "

All art is printed by Ice Fog Press, an independent printer and publisher in Juneau, Alaska. I take great pride in the fact that my work is painted, printed, and packaged 100% locally. Buying a piece of Mar Amor art means that you have helped support at least 3 small Alaskan businesses. 

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