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Laurel Eve Jewelry by Laurel Messerschmidt


Laurel Messerschmidt

Laurel Eve beaded jewelry is designed by Laurel Messerschmidt, a 5th generation Juneauite. Throughout her life, Laurel has always felt a compulsion to create art and explore different mediums.

Laurel remembers playing in her parent’s garden as a child, which sparked her love of florals. She looks mostly to nature, the colorful world around her, as a primary source of inspiration. No matter what medium she is working with, bold florals are a constant in her work.

Now as a mother of two young children, she has put down the paintbrush and picked up the needle. She first learned beading in 2007 when she was taught how to embellish leather moccasins with intricate beadwork. In the chaos of 2020, she revived her craft and began the Laurel Eve jewelry collection.


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