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Swallow’s Journey


Abby Focht leaning over her artist's work bench

Unique Alaskan Design… Abby Focht’s inspiration from nature, texture and design is creatively used to craft a variety of patterns and designs in her earrings. Most are made of silver, but a couple styles are available in multiple metals such as brass, copper, and/or bronze. On earrings that have beads, she uses only quality semi-precious stones and glass beads. These earrings all have multiple bead color options. In addition, her Coastal Forest Collection has earrings with local plant impressions such as ferns and Indian rhubarb.

Abby’s passion for jewelry making began as a kid, when she was given her first beads and loom by an aunt. For years this was just a hobby, as she made earrings, bracelets, necklaces and the like, for friends and family members using different beading techniques and styles.

In her early twenties, when she was recovering from a traumatic brain injury suffered in a car wreck, she was trying to find inspiration to get out of the darkness of PTSD. One day, while walking around downtown, the silver jewelry of another local artist, Rowan Law, caught her eye. She loved the simple but classic styles, the brushed and almost antiqued look of the pieces. She was inspired by the way natural stones and beach glass were used with the metal and the color relationship between the two.

Curious to learn more, she reached out to him and over the next few years, he taught her the basics of silver jewelry making. As she continued to dabble in her newly found hobby, she also took dedicated jewelry making classes to help solidify her skills and give her more confidence in working with metal.

Abby has been making and selling her silver jewelry since 2009. Initially at the annual Juneau Public Market and later expanding to other local retail venues, she continues to grow her business as her designs are becoming increasingly popular. Always inspired by new ideas taken from the natural world and beyond, she is continually expanding her portfolio.