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Timber and Tides - Jewelry

Inspired by the abundant, resources of Southeast Alaska. Timber and Tides creates unique pieces of jewelry, using pieces of timber from our sawmills that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

Each Timber and Tides product carries a small piece of wood. Many with wood that was harvested from the Tongass National Forest, and each piece is handcrafted here in Juneau, Alaska.

The process we use of blending resin and wood is wonderful in that it gives us the ability to utilize pieces of waste wood, to create truly unique pieces art. Each piece is hand cast, shaped, and finished by local artists. Our hope with these products is to show the harmony between the Timber and Tides here in Southeast Alaska. As the spruce, hemlock, and cedar forests blend into the ever rising and lowering tides, our rainforest home is born.

Timber and Tides supports the sustainable use of these natural resources in Southeast Alaska. We are committed to sustainable logging practices, sustainable fishing practices, and sustainable land and ocean management.

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