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Pamela Smilow


pamela smilow in front of painting

When I make a painting, I seek to create a little piece of beauty and a refuge from our busy and chaotic lives, an inspiration to do better and be better in the universe. I see each piece of my work as one step on a continuum, each painting not precious unto itself but as an ongoing journey.

I do not hear a symphony in my head and then put it down on canvas. I am more like a jazz musician, improvising. I rely on my intuition as I build on every stroke I do, starting with the gesso and building up layer after layer. My surfaces are defined by and reflect the thickness of that build up. For my vocabulary, I draw heavily on childhood memories, on many personal experiences throughout the years, and my travels. Nature continues to be one of my biggest inspirations.

I grew up in a Frank Lloyd Wright founded community, with a father who was an artist and furniture designer. I was told to look at this, look at that all the time. I did. From a young age, I was always comfortable using a visual vocabulary, expressing myself by playing with a variety of materials in both two and three dimensions. I consider myself very lucky to get up every day and enjoy what I do.

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