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Taku Smokeries


taku smokeries

Each year at Taku Fisheries, we purchase over seven million pounds of seafood from local Alaskan Fishermen. Although the bulk of our production flows into domestic and foreign wholesale markets, we are able to hand-select the highest quality, fresh fish from the catch for our own smokehouse and mail order needs. We are a bona fide, licensed, insured, and bonded Alaskan seafood processing company.

At Taku Fisheries we operate under: the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s HACCP guidelines; the State of Alaska’s Environmental Health Department regulations and inspections; and the most strident of all—our own company quality and sanitation standards. At Taku, we enjoy a two-decade relationship of mutual respect with our local fishermen.

We love this community built around salmon and seafood and share a passion for angling. Up here, fishing is not just a profession—it’s a way of life. Our close relationship with the men and women on the boats guides the way our seafood is caught and handled to ensure our fish arrive at your kitchen in pristine condition. We control the whole process—from the fish that come to our docks to the fish that are delivered to your door—so you can be assured of our commitment.

Our fishing practices promote environmentally sustainable and our handling procedures optimize the nutrition and flavor of our seafood. Alaska is unquestionably home to the best wild seafood in the world, and we provide you with direct access to the very best. We are Nature’s Fish Store.

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