"Arctic Dawn" | Yumi Kawaguchi

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This is a reproduction print of woodcut reduction print titled "Arctic Dawn".

"Dark cold winter is about over in Arctic. Caribou start moving north, walking in a line early morning under the northern light. Pregnant female caribou keep their antlers through the winter until they give birth. The walking pace is set for the young ones, who bravely survived the dark cold winter first time in their life. White caribou tails guide other caribou who want to join the journey to the north." - Yumi Kawaguchi.

For creating the original image, Yumi hand carved and hand printed it as reduction, using one wood block total for 10 colors (9 layers of colors). She placed the lightest color first, then carved the block to the areas, which she wanted to print the different colors. Yumi repeated the process until the block has only the area for the last color, dark violet, so only areas for the caribou left on the block.


  • 8" x 10"
  • Matted print.
  • Handmade.
  • Made in Alaska.
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