"Did You Hear that Pierce" | Yumi Kawaguchi

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This is a reproduction print of woodcut titled " Did you hear that Pierce ".

"Soon after it gets dark, northern lights, Aurora borealis, appears as arches in the northern sky, where you can find the big dipper. The lights get bigger, waves and patterns of light start dancing across the sky. Ptarmigan flew from somewhere to join us watching Aurora. I asked my dog, Pierce, “Did you hear that, Pierce?” as we keep watching Aurora and waiting for its break up." - Yumi Kawaguchi.

Yumi hand carved and hand printed it as reduction, using one wood block total for 10 colors (9 layers of colors). She placed the lightest color first, then carved the block to the areas which she wanted to print the second color. Yumi repeated this process until the block has only the area for the last color, dark blue.

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