"Early Spring" | Yumi Kawaguchi

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This is a reproduction print of woodblock titled "early spring".

"We have resident black-capped chickadee in Fairbanks, Alaska, where temperature drops to -40 degree in winter. They come to the bird feeder even those cold days. Black-capped chickadees spend winter cold nights in a small tree hole the size of a quarter. In the morning after the cold night, we see chickadees with tail feathers curled, since they tuck their body in a tiny hole. Early spring in interior Alaska, it sometimes gets cold as -20 degree. I made this image imagining, one day after the cold night in early spring, two chickadees with curled tails start looking for their mates on the pussy willow." - Yumi Kawaguchi.

For creating the original image, Yumi hand carved and hand printed it as reduction, using one wood block total for 6 colors (5 layers of colors). She placed the lightest color first, then carved the block to the areas where she wanted to print the second color. She repeated this process until the block has only the area for the last color, black.


  • 8" x 10"
  • Matted print.
  • Handmade.
  • Made in Alaska.
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