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Amy Mackinaw


Amy arrived in Alaska from Michigan in 1992 with her husband for a short stint in his military career, but Alaska drew them in and became their home.

Amy's life as a fiber artist began in childhood when her mother, also a fiber artist, taught her to sew. Since then, she has been stitching, hand-dyeing, printing, quilting, and beading.

Alaska's landscapes and wildlife inspire her work, and it's a joy to create colors and textures in fabric that become art quilts and home and wearable accessories.

Spending time at the Ernest Gruening cabin in Juneau through the Alaska State Parks Artist-in-Residence program and being immersed in the luscious forest near Amalga Harbor created a well of magical memories that will feed Amy's creativity for a long time.

Yumi Kawaguchi, Amy Mackinaw, and Amy Johnson were part of the 2021 Alaska State Parks Artist-In-Residence Program.  Together, they stayed at the Gruening Cabin near Amalga Harbor in Juneau and created art inspired by their experience.  Yumi, Amy, and Amy are also our June 2022 Featured Artists.  

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