"Wilson's Warbler" | Yumi Kawaguchi

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This is a reproduction print of woodcut reduction print titled “Wilson’s Warbler”.

Yumi digitally captured the image and printed on a beautiful inkjet Japanese Bamboo paper.

"Wilson's warblers migrate to spend summers in Alaska from Mexico and Central America. The male has a distinct black cap on the top of his head, and the female has an olive-colored crown. They are well camouflaged in willow brush when the leaves turning yellow in fall. How many Wilson's warblers can you find in the image?" - Yumi Kawaguchi

For creating the original image, Yumi hand carved and hand printed it as reduction, using one wood block total for 8 colors (7 layers of colors). She placed the lightest color first, then carved the block to the areas, which she wanted to print the different colors. Yumi repeated this process until the block has only the area for the last color, black, so only areas for birds’ black caps left on the block.


  • 8" x 10"
  • Original woodblock reduction print
  • Made in Alaska
  • Handmade
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